Keep Iowa Beautiful Awards

Keep Iowa Beautiful is pleased to recognize individuals, businesses, communities and organizations that simply shine when it comes to improving Iowa communities. Each year we select and honor recipients of the following Keep Iowa Beautiful awards:

Donald F. Lamberti Hometown Pride Vision Award

This award is presented annually and recognizes those who work to improve and enhance the quality of our state and embody a passion for building  a higher level of pride through leadership. 

2016 Recipient: The Vogel Family

2015 Recipient: The Iowa State Fair

Robert D. Ray Community Award for Excellence

This award is presented annually to a town or city for enhancing the beauty, cleanliness and attractiveness of the community. The award is designed to recognize a town or city that has gone the extra mile to build a stronger more vial Iowa community both culturally and environmentally.  community beautification projects that are supported or expanded may include, but are not limited to, entryway improvement, housing, street scaping, litter prevention, park/trail development, recycling, lighting, roadway improvement, incorporation of art, landscaping and public nuisance abatement.

2016 Recipient: The City of Lake City

Lake City is recognized for their enhancement efforts and beautification programs that make the community a more attractive place to live and work.

Organization Award for Excellence

This award is presented annually to local or statewide organizations that assist communities with planning and implementation of programs that enhance the quality of life in Iowa. 

2016 Recipient: The Iowa League of Cities

The Iowa League of Cities is recognized for providing advocacy, training and guidance, making Iowa's communities more attractive places to live and enhancing the quality of life across the state. 

Corporate Award for Excellence

This award is presented to corporations or businesses that make a significant difference in enhancing the quality of life in Iowa's communities through their efforts and financial support.

2016 Recipient: Yeoman & Company

Yeoman & Company is recognized for assisting communities and volunteers in their beautification and clean-up projects with Yo-Ho Quality Tools.

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