Making Community Changes

April is Keep Iowa Beautiful Month!

Your community or city can proclaim support for building stronger communities and developing sustainable futures by adopting this Keep Iowa Beautiful Proclamation. Simply download the proclamation, add your community, sign and date it and then tell the media, residents and constiuents that you support Keep Iowa Beautiful month! 

Community Proclamation Community Proclamation (660 KB)  

67 Smart Ways to Keep Iowa Beautiful

Keep Iowa Beautiful developed these 67 ways that communities, organizations and residents of this great state can work to improve the beauty of our space. From litter clean up and painting to fixing up derelict areas and donating, you'll find ideas that will impact your community. 

Click on the links below to access a list of smart ideas. 

Need Help?

Keep Iowa Beautiful can connect you with local recycling coordinators, waste exchange representatives, community enhancement groups and green building professionals to guide and support you on your way to an environmentally friendly and responsible community or neighborhood.

Contact us for more information and resources!

Lowe's 2014 Support Sheet Lowe's 2014 Support Sheet (646 KB) Pick It Up Pick It Up (36 KB) Clean Up Clean Up (32 KB) Paint Up Paint Up (32 KB) Fix Up Fix Up (31 KB) Plant Up Plant Up (34 KB) Give It Up Give It Up (32 KB)

Community Beautification Audit Community Beautification Audit (174 KB)

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